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540 Flex Water Powered Backup

Zoeller’s 540 FLEX is a high capacity, high efficiency, water-powered backup system. The FLEX takes over seamlessly when your primary sump system fails!

Aquanot Series Battery Backup Systems

The Zoeller Aquanot Series Battery Backup pumps keep your basement dry in case of a primary pump failure. With three different packages to choose from, there is an Aquanot for every situation.
Click HERE to download info on the different Aquanots!

PREMIUM Series, 12-volt DC battery backup system with Z Control® technology

PROFESSIONAL Series, self-testing, 12-volt DC battery backup system with built-in WiFi for Z Control® connectivity

Self testing 12 Volt backup sump pump system. Fully automatic, and industry best performance and efficiency.

Shark Series Grinders

Check out the Shark Series Tri-Slice Cutter! Shark series residential fractional horsepower grinders can stand up to a whole household full of flushable materials!