About NESA

Our History

NESA (Northeast Sales Associates) originally started in 1953 as L. Rosenberg Associates, Inc. At that time Larry Rosenberg stepped out on his own to represent manufacturers in the plumbing industry throughout the Upstate NY region. Rosenberg operated the company until 1986 when Richard Wisotzke (an associate at the time) came to an agreement with Rosenberg to purchase the company.

The next year, Wisotzke joined forces with a gentleman named Orville Arel and they formed Northeast Sales Associates, Inc. Representing both Zoeller and Bradford White the two grew the company into a well-known and respected member of the plumbing community. Over the next few years they added associates and one of those associates Alan R. Whitney was asked to join in the ownership of the company. Not long after that, Mike Tousignant joined the group and was also asked to join in the ownership of the company.

Some years later Orville passed and Richard hired Robert Philips as an associate, Sheryl Sabin as the office manager, and Peter Costanzo as the commercial quotation specialist. In 2009 Whitney, Tousignant, Philips, Sabin, and Costanzo came to an agreement with Wisotzke to purchase the company and continue the long standing commitment to sales and service.

This new group, still operating as NESA then joined forces with and existing agency known as Meyer Bressen Inc. The combination of NESA and Meyer Bressen strengthened the company’s overall profile and diversity providing a platform for additional growth. This was accomplished when NESA joined forces with Gus Z. Associates, another long term agency this time with strong ties in the world of hydronic heating. The company now has 9 inside and 10 outside employees making it one of the most highly staffed organizations in the state of NY. In an ever changing industry, NESA continues to move forward as quickly as our human and financial resources allow. We are committed to keeping NESA relevant going forward and hope to create a platform with our associates that will allow the company to continue indefinitely.

NESA's Philosophy

NESA believes in continuous improvement through ongoing investment in technology, personnel, and facilities. NESA’s corporate headquarters is located in Rochester, New York. This is where our full time inside sales and service staff is based. Our offices are equipped with the latest communications technology, quotation software, and sales analysis tools to keep our outside sales staff current on sales trends, market conditions and daily service to distributors, dealers, and specification professionals.

What Drives NESA?

Quality Driven

Our philosophy is to provide unsurpassed value-added service for the manufacturers we represent to the distribution channel through quality employees and a well coordinated effort. We find ourselves constantly assessing our performance in the never ending journey to improvement.

Our Focus

Our philosophy is to touch all the bases necessary to be an effective sales and marketing organization in the modern era. We put an emphasis on contact with all of the decision makers within the sales, distribution, specification and installation chain. Today’s independent manufacturer’s representative must be part of the fabric of the market in order to be effective.

Customer Service Driven

Our philosophy is to deliver timely, complete, accurate, and useful service to both our internal and external customers. We recognize the different needs of various industry associates and always attempt to treat them in a fair and ethical manner – just like we would request for ourselves. We are constantly attempting to exceed expectations..

Employee Driven

Our philosophy is to illustrate our appreciation through conduct and reward. We hold our associates to the highest ethical standards and expect them to work hard. We encourage a rich life away from work by spending time with families, friends, and hobbies. We hope to help the members of the NESA family achieve both their professional and personal goals in a rewarding environment.

We Provide a Professional Marketing Staff

Outside Sales

We currently have a 10 person outside sales team. Individual salesman are assigned to a geographic segment of the Upstate New York market in which they also reside. Together, they have over 100 years in the industry.

Commercial Quotations Department

We currently have a full time commercial quotation manager and full time quotation administrator who are constantly scouring the job listings for sales opportunities.

Inside Sales

We currently have a highly regarded office manager. We have (4) full time sales and service staff.

Channels We Actively Cover

Plumbing and Heating Wholesale Distributors | Professional Plumbing and Heating Contractors | Professional Mechanical Contractors | Professional Plumbing Engineers | Commercial and Residential Developers | Residential Builders/Remodelers/Contractors | Professional Architects | Professional Designers | Professional On-Site Wastewater Contractors and Developers