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Since 1951, Northeast Sales Associates (NESA) has provided professional sales and marketing services throughout the Upstate New York (UNY) marketing area. NESA believes in continuous improvement through ongoing investment in technology, personnel, and facilities. In 2011, NESA joined forces with Meyer Bressen Inc. (MBI) to further improve our coverage of the roughly 47,000 square miles included in the Upstate New York area. The combination of NESA and Meyer Bressen strengthened the company’s overall profile and diversity providing a platform for additional growth. This was accomplished when NESA joined forces with Gus Z. Associates, another long term agency this time with strong ties in the world of hydronic heating. Read our full history here.

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NESA in Eastern, NY!

NESA was in Eastern, NY attending trade events and counter days, check out the pics!


Check out the new Oatey MODA Modular Supply Box System

The NESA Team was out in full force in Rochester, NY.

Take a look at some pics from the event held in Rochester, NY!

NEW Boshart Pipe Tape

Check out our What's New Page to see the great benefits of using Boshart's Lead Free Pipe Tape

NESA Team in Western, NY.

We had a great time at an event in Western, NY. Check it out!

Bradford White Uniform Energy Factor Transition Press Release

Read the press release about the DOE's new Uniform Energy Factor.

Prier's NEW Brick Buddy!

Head over to our What's New page to see the sell sheet!

NEW Dearborn Brass ADA Compliant Tubular Covers

Check out the BRAND NEW ADA Compliant Tubular Covers

Matt Morgan presenting RPH

Check out information regarding the presentation!