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What's New with NESA

Check out all the new and exciting things happening at NESA with our products and people!

E.L. Mustee T6032 Tub and 680-32WHT Topaz Walls

The NEW 6032 Topaz bathtub is compression molded fiberglass with an ergonomically contoured design for outstanding comfort. The 680-32WHT bathtub walls are molded fiberglass featuring a smooth wall with a decorative tile design. The walls are tongue and groove fit featuring 3 molded-in soap dishes. The panels mount direct to stud. Together the 6032 tub and 680-32 walls create one amazing 4 piece unit.

Download Info HERE

Zoeller 540 FLEX

Horizontal or vertical installation capability allows the FLEX to fit most sump applications. No batteries or electricity required, the FLEX uses municipal/city water pressure to power the system. 3 year warranty.

Download the info HERE

Zoeller Aquanot508 Fit

The Aquanot508 Fit is the perfect addition to the Aquanot Family of products. It fits perfectly between the Aquanot508 and the Aquanot508 Active.

Download the information HERE

Prier TrueTemp P-118

The Prier Truetemp is the industry's ONLY outdoor single handle hot and cold hydrant with frost-proof protection!

Download the information HERE

General Wire Gen-Eye X-POD

The X-POD features a 7" LCD color monitor, one-touch recording, digital zoom, voice-over recording, date and time stamp, and the ability to record to a flash drive!

Download the Information HERE!

Fluidmaster PerforMAX

The PerforMAX valve will FIT & FIX your toilet! With easy installation, quiet operation, and tank & bowl refill dials, you will get the perfect flush every time!

Download the information HERE

NEW Hercules Grriptape

Professional PRFE Tape that grrips on the first wrap! The reduced tensile strength and expanded elongation allows the tape to grip the threads easily with a tackier texture.

Download the Grriptape Sell Sheet

NEW Oatey Quiet Pipes

Silence the water hammer! The quiet pipes hammer arrestors use a piston design to help absorb the water shock in the system.

Download the Quiet Pipes Brochure

NEW Victor Edge 2.0 Series pressure/flow hybrid regulator

The EDGE 2.0 single stage cylinder regulator delivers unmatched convenience, safety, and performance. 
SLAM (Shock Limitations and Absorption) technology built into the adjusting knob providing additional strength, safety and protection of the regulator.

Download the Edge 2.0 Sell Sheet

NEW Caleffi 535H Pressure Reducing Valve

This pre adjustabile pressure reducing valve can be used in both residential and commercial plumbing applications. Download the info sheet below!

Download the Caleffi 535 Sell Sheet

NEW Oatey MODA - Modular Supply Box System

Introducing the new Oatey MODA Modular Supply Box System. This single box system is designed to save time and money for the plumbing contractor. Download the brochure and check out all the features!

Download the MODA Brochure

NEW Dearborn Brass Flexible Bath Waste

Check out the BRAND NEW Flexible Bath Waste kit from Dearborn Brass. Compensate for misalignments & obstructions which in turn you can save time, money, and labor!

Download the Flexible Bath Waste Sell Sheet

Prier Freezeless Yard Hydrant

Check out the sell sheets below for quick tips and information regarding Prier's Freezeless Yard Hydrant.

Download the Prier Freezeless Yard Hydrant

Bradford White Press Release Uniform Energy Factor Transition

Take a look at the press release regarding the DOE's requirement to transition from the Energy Factor (EF) Metric to the new Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) Metric. Click on the images below, or download the PDF. 

Download the EF to UEF Press Release

Milwaukee Dust Trap Drilling Shroud

The BRAND NEW Dust Trap drilling shroud will keep you OSHA Compliant when it comes to Silica Dust Regulations. The dust trap features a universal fit and is the Industry's First OSHA Compliant Solution without a vacuum!

Webstone Isolater E-X-P E2

The new Isolator EXP E2 TWH Service Valve is a compact version of the original Isolater EXP. With the Isolater you can enjoy fewer leak paths, quicker, consistent installations, and it allows for easy cleaning or flushing of any tankless water heater. They now have press connections!

Download the Webstone E2 Sell Sheet

SJE Rhombus Expanded NEX Series Control Panel Product Line

SJE Rhombus has introduced their new NEX Series single phase duplex control panel. This panel can alternately control two single phase pumps: this alternating action will held equalize pump wear. If an alarm condition occurs, an alarm switch acticates the audible/visual alarm system. The system provides override controls should either pump fail.

Download the NEX Series Duplex Sell Sheet


NEW SJE-Rhombus Sub-X Transmitter

Looking for a reliable submersible level transmitter? The Sub-X has everything you need - continuous level monitoring, shielded cable, multiple ranges, and more! 

Download the SJE Rhombus Sub-X-Sell Sheet

Boshart's No Lead "All Weather" Pipe Wrap Tape

Protect your piping install against abrasions and corrosive action. Can be used on steel pipe, fittings, and electrical conduit systems. The tape provides a physical barrier that is moisture proof!

Download the info Boshart Pipe Wrap Tape

NEW Fluidmaster Perfect Fit Toilet Lever

The universal design is made to fit almost any toilet. It can be adjusted to any tank position with an easy to install design that features no cutting or bending. Available in 3 different finishes!

Download the Fluidmaster Perfect Fit Lever Sell Sheet

Caleffi 116 Series THERMOSETTER

The new Thermosetter adjustable balancing valve is designed for automatic balancing of recirculation loops in domestic hot water systems. Check out the sell sheets below...

Download the 116 Thermo-Setter sell sheet

Dearborn Brass ADA Compliant Tubular Cover

Check out the BRAND NEW ADA Compliant Tubular Covers for Under Lavatory Exposed Plumbing in Bathrooms

Download the ADA Compliant Tubular Covers Sell Sheet

E.L. Mustee NEW Products!

Check out the sell sheets for Mustee's new Durabase shower floor and their drop in/undermount fiberglass sink!

Download the Mustee Durbase Shower Floor Sell Sheet or the Undermount Sink Sell Sheet

NEW Milwaukee M18 and M12 Vehicle Charger

Introducing the new M18 and M12 vehicle charger from Milwaukee. This sequential charger will let you charge your batteries on the go from jobsite to jobsite. Don't miss out!

Oatey Heavy Duty Medium Set Gray PVC Cement

Oatey Heavy Duty Medium Set Gray OVC Cement is designed to have a thicker viscosity and medium set time for use with large diameter pipe and in commercial applications. Check out the pics!

Download the Heavy Duty Medium Set Gray PVC Cement sell sheet

NEW Oatey Set Rite Toilet Flange Extension System

Eliminate leak paths with the ONLY UPC listed flange extension system on the market! Check out the sell sheets below. Head over to our Facebook Page to see the video of Set Rite in action!

Download Set Rite Sell Sheet

 Prier Products NEW Brick Buddy!

Check out the sell sheet and the press release below. Learn how contractors can save time and money on new residential builds!

Download the Brick Buddy Sell Sheet

Symmons SCOT Metering Faucet

Heavy duty cast brass body and stainless steel parts are standard with all Symmons SCOT/Metering Faucets. The self-cleaning brass cartridge provides a reliable flow with
user-adjustable water temperature or tempered water options available to improve water efficiency and energy costs. Ideal for healthcare, institutional and public use applications.

SJE Rhombus EZ Connex Float System

The introduction of the EZConnex Float Connection System by SJE Rhombus provides a revolutionary new way to install float switches in a wet well. With a simple 3-Step installation process,
it will save installers both time and money.


Milwaukee Tick

 Introducing the NEW Milwaukee Tick Equipment Tracker. The Tick works with the FREE Milwaukee ONE-KEY app to help you keep track of your tools/accessories. The Tick can be epoxy, screwed, riveted, or zip tied onto whatever tools/accessories you want to keep track of. Head over to our Facebook Page to check out the video!


NESA Updated Elevator Pump Policy

NESA New Hire Annoucement

NESA is growing, check out this press release highlighting the addition of our two newest employees!

Prier's New C-534BX

Introducing Prier's NEW C-534BX Stainless Steel Box for their redesigned C-534 light commercial valve. Check it out!

Zoeller's New Grinder Pump

Zoeller has added two new pumps to their Shark line of grinder pumps. With the addition of the new pumps, Zoeller has the broadest selection of 0.5 HP through 2 HP grinder pumps in the industry. Both the 818 and 819 are based off the already popular model 820 with the new features. 

Milwaukee's New Wireless Jobsite Speaker

Check it out! Milwaukee's new wireless job site speaker is the industry's loudest and clearest sound system in the market. It has Six Full range speakers and a 40 Watt Digital Amp. Click the photos to see all the great features!