QuickHub – No Hub Couplings

Fastest installation on the market – fits easily and effortlessly onto pipe and fittings. No need to roll gasket, remove shield or waste time fumbling with a loose shield. With Quick Hub, no need to remove gasket first and roll it over the pipe. The patented hourglass shape design ensures the gasket remains within the shield during shipping and handling and allows the Quick Hub to be easily pushed onto the pipe.

Check out the Quickhub in action!

Shift-N-Lift – Universal Water Closet Carrier Offset Kit

You have told us how frustrating and expensive it is when the ADA water closet is less than 18” from the center to the finished wall.

You can now offset the fixture without having to tear out the carrier! The MC-10 Series is tested with the “Shift and Lift” offset hardware package to support a 500 lb. Load with the rear anchor support.


Hydromax Siphonic Roof Drain

The Hydromax Advantage

1)Pipe installs no pitch, zero slope

2)No excavation needed inside building

3)Reduce the number of vertical drops:
Gravity drainage slope requires vertical drops when crossing into liveable space. Siphonic drainage allows all the roof drain tailpipes to tie into a horizontal collector pipe running the length of the building.

4)Reduce the number of civil connections: In the scenario of a warehouse with the gutter downspouts requires its own piping to make the civil connection, which also involves trenching and rebury. Siphonic drainage allows the collection of the drains tailpipes near the roof line then outing to the corners of the building.

Mifab HydroMax Siphonic Roof Drain

Mifab Prezi

Access Doors & Dialysis Boxes

Mifab Line

Mifab C-Port

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