C-634 Commercial Hydrant

The PRIER C-634 heavy commercial wall hydrant is key operated, code approved, and flows up to 16 GPM at 25 PSI differential. This commercial hydrant is self-draining even with a closed end hose attached.

P-118 Hot and Cold Single Handle Hydrant

Bathe pets, wash vehicles, fill the hot tub, hose down the garage or siding, and more. The P-118 is equipped with a dial to set the referred temperature and internal checks to prevent thermal migration. The P-118 provides year-round tempered water in areas subject to freezing temperatures.

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P-114 Single Handle Cold Hydrant

Introducing the P-114, the single temperature hydrant where style meets quality. The P-114 offers a distinguished design to match the décor of your home.

P-754 Commercial Hot and Cold Hydrant

Borrowing the quality and function of the C-634 and the temperature control technology of the P-118, the P-754 offers the best of both worlds for commercial applications with tempered water needs.