Caleffi Hydronic Solutions

PresCal Compact 533H

Picture of a Caleffi 533h

Compact pressure reducing valve for residential and commercial applications.

CONTECA Heat Meter

Picture of the Caleffi Conteca Heat Meter

The CONTECA is a direct heat meter designed to measure instantaneous and recorded history of thermal energy usage in residential and commercial buildings.

AngleMix TMV

Picture of Caleffi AngleMix

Used in systems producing domestic hot water and easily mounts to the top of water heaters. The AngleMix maintains the desired output temperature at a constant set value compensating for both temperature and pressure fluctuations.

Boiler Trim Kits

Picture of Caleffi Boiler Trim Kit

6 Configurations that combine 8 common boiler installation components into one simple package.

Discal DirtMag

The DirtMag has 3-in-1 functionality to continuously remove all air and debris, including both ferrous and non-ferrous impurities.

Discal Air Separator

Eliminate dissolved oxygen and other gasses within hydronic systems tha can cause excessive corrosion and sediment formation.

Sep4 Hydraulic Separator

Save on system installation and maintenance costs with four performance functions combined into one device: hydraulic separation, micro-bubble coalescing air separation, dirt separation, and magnetic separation.

Pressure Reducing Valve

The Pressure Reducing Valve is engineered to deliver accurate pressure regulation under varying pressure and draw conditions.


The ThermoSetter is the industry's only field adjustable thermal balancing valve. Place in each return branch and they will self-balance, negating the need for instrumentation.


The QuickSetter simplifies balancing by allowing the contractor to adjust flow while viewing the flow rate directly on the valve itself. Differential Pressure instruments are a thing of the past!


The LegioMix is an advanced electronic mixing valve with digital control of temperature for commercial domestic hot water systems. The industry exclusive calendar-based scheduling program for thermal disinfection to kill Legionella.

AutoFill Combo

Product Picture of a Caleffi Fastfill Valve

The main function of the AutoFill is to maintain the pressure of the system at a set value while filling a sealed a hydronic system. Assembled with a backflow preventer, the AutoFill Combo protects drinking water systems from return flow.

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